TiveHD for Android

A remote application for Android hand held devices

A mobile viewer app available on Google Play for connection to ATV AHD recorders and IP network devices.

There are manuals to aid in the installation and use of these apps and are available in the Manual section of this web site.

Product Features:
  • Add / Edit / Delete Network Devices and Groups
  • Real time video display and audio
  • Control Network devices including PTZ cameras
  • Search & Playback video & Audio recorded in Network devices

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User Manual

Product Support

ATV’s Customer Support Center is available to support you from 7am to 7pm CST at 888-288-7644, or contact us here. We also offer online web access through our “Go-to-Assist ”, which allows remote connection to your computer for proper NVR and DVR communication programming.

Product Warranty

We offer an industry-leading, 36-month unlimited warranty that covers defects in design, workmanship and materials. Compare that to the competition’s limited warranties. Please refer to Warranty document here for exceptions.