New advanced remote management software for ATVs ED2 Professional Series digital video recorders (DVRs).

iRAS is a new advanced remote management software from ATV. It controls the ED2404, ED2808 and ED2916 system management, video monitoring, video recording and image playback of multiple remote sites. It is also backwards compatible with the legacy ATV DVR models, such as the VLDVR4, FA-HDX16, FA-HD916 and FA-HVR32, to name a few.

To download a copy of iRAS Click Here.

NOTE: This product includes software developed by the “Open SSL Project” for use in the “Open SSL Toolkit”. (

Product Features:
  • Checks and reports status of remote DVRs
  • Notification of events detected at remote sites
  • Remote monitoring of live camera images
  • Panic recording of monitored images
  • Time-lapse and event search of recorded images
  • Remote software upgrades and system programming
  • View system and event log information of remote DVRs
  • Remote monitoring of multiple remote sites using 3D maps
  • Connect up to 256 remote sites (up to 128 remote sites for remote search) at a time
  • Extended DVRNS connection time-out for slower networks (up to 10 seconds)
  • Ability to search up to 20 external HDD’s at one time

Minimum PC Requirements

  • Operating System

    Microsoft Windows XP Home SP3

  • CPU:

    Intel Core 2 Duo E7200 2.53 GHz or faster

  • RAM:

    1.5 GB or more

  • VGA:

    ATI Radeon HD 2400 or NVIDIA GeForce FX5500 or higher (1024x768, 24bpp or higher)

  • Hard Disk Drive:

    1 GB or more free space

  • LAN:

    10/100 Mbps Ethernet or faster

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User Manual

Product Support

ATV’s Customer Support Center is available to support you from 7am to 7pm CST at 888-288-7644, or contact us here. We also offer online web access through our “Go-to-Assist ”, which allows remote connection to your computer for proper NVR and DVR communication programming.

Product Warranty

We offer an industry-leading, 36-month unlimited warranty that covers defects in design, workmanship and materials. Compare that to the competition’s limited warranties. Please refer to Warranty document here for exceptions.