Hybrid DVR, 8-A, 2-IP, AHD, TVI, CVBS, IP, 2 HDD, 1TB

Hybrid DVR, 8-A, 2-IP, AHD, TVI, CVBS, IP, 2 HDD, 2TB

Hybrid DVR, 8-A, 2-IP, AHD, TVI, CVBS, IP, 2 HDD, 4TB

Hybrid DVR, 8-A, 2-IP, AHD, TVI, CVBS, IP, 2 HDD, 8TB

Hybrid DVR, 8-A, 2-IP, AHD, TVI, CVBS, IP, 2 HDD, 12TB

Storage Variants Available:

  • 1TB HDD
  • 2TB HDD
  • 4TB HDD
  • 8TB HDD
  • 12TB HDD
Product Features:
  • Fully Adheres to National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) Guidelines
  • Supports 8 Video Inputs: 8 Analog (AHD, TVI, CVBS) or 6 Analog and 2 IP
  • Hybrid DVR supports High Definition Analog (HD Analog) over Coax Technology for use of Existing Coax Cables & BNC Connectors, allowing mega-pixel video images from analog HD Analog cameras without any rewiring
  • ATVision IP Remote Management Client Software for Windows and Mac and Mobile Applications for Apple and Android Operating Systems are included
  • Concurrent Full HD Display on HDMI and VGA Monitor Outputs


  • Video Input

    8 Analog or 6 Analog and 2 IP

  • Video Input Type


  • Display Output

    1 VGA, 1 HDMI: 3840 x 2160, @ 200 / 240fps; 1 Spot: 640 x 480 @ 100/120fps

  • Display Mode

    VGA, HDMI : 1/4/8/9 Split, Sequence; Spot: 1/9 Split, Sequence


  • Compression

    H.264 / H.265

  • Recording Resolution

    BNC: 4MP, 1080p, 720p, 960H IP: Up to 2MP

  • Recording Speed

    Main Stream : 120fps @ 4MP, 240fps @ 1080p Sub Stream : 240fps @ VGA

  • Recording Mode

    Continuous, Motion, Alarm, C+M, C+A, M+A, C+M+A, Panic

  • Pre-Alarm / Post Alarm

    1~3sec / 5sec~1hour


  • Simultaneous Playback

    1/4/8/9 Split

  • Playback Mode

    Backward, Forward 2~64x, Timelapse

  • Search Mode

    Time, Event, Thumbnail, Text, Smart(Motion)


  • Ethernet

    2 RJ45 10/100/1000 Base-T

  • Max. Network Throughput

    Unlimited (Guarantee 144Mbps, Support Bandwidth Control)

  • Remote Monitoring

    ATVision IP VMS and Mobile Apps


  • PTZ & OSD Control

    RS485, UTC

  • Text in

    POS/ATM (ASCII, Network, VSSi-Pro

  • Internal HDD

    2 SATA, up to 12TB each: total 24TB

  • Backup

    USB: H4V and MP4 file formats

  • Audio

    4 RCA Input / 1 RCA Output, 1 HDMI Output

  • Alarm

    8 Input / 1 Output (Terminal Block) Relay 1A-24VDC / 0.5A~125VAC

  • Serial Port

    1 RS485 (Terminal Block)

  • USB

    3 x USB2.0

  • Rack Mountable

    Rack Ears Included

  • Operating Humidity

    0~90% RH (Non-Condensing)

  • Operating Temperature

    32° ~ 104°F (0° ~ 40°C)

  • Power Supply

    12VDC, 5A (See Note 1 Below)

  • Power Consumption

    Max. 33W with 2 HDD’s

  • Dimension(WxHxD)

    14.7 x 1.7 x 12.5in (375 x 44.9 x 318.2mm)

  • Net Weight

    5.1lb (2.3kg) (without HDD)

  • Conformity Certifications

    FCC, CE, UL

Note 1: When connecting IP cameras and installing HDD’s,
ensure devices do not exceed the maximum power specification


  • XDLBB2

    Recorder Lockbox; Black

Specification Sheet

User Manual

Quick Guide

Product Support

ATV’s Customer Support Center is available to support you from 7am to 7pm CST at 888-288-7644, or contact us here. We also offer online web access through our “Go-to-Assist ”, which allows remote connection to your computer for proper NVR and DVR communication programming.

Product Warranty

We offer an industry-leading, 36-month unlimited warranty that covers defects in design, workmanship and materials. Compare that to the competition’s limited warranties. Please refer to Warranty document here for exceptions.