Remote Management Software: ATVision IP VMS Client Software

Windows or Mac Video Management System Client Software for IP or HD Analog Video Products

Product Features
Product Specifications

ATV’s new remote Video Management System (VMS) software, ATVision IP VMS Client, is now available for both Windows and Mac computers. The Client is a versatile VMS for connecting to IP cameras, network video recorders and HD Analog digital video recorders. It provides multiple functionalities, including real-time live view, remote search and playback, file backup, alarm receiving and much, much more.

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Product Features

  • Powerful and Intelligent Video Management System Client Software
  • Open Architecture with Windows and Mac Operating Systems Compatibility
  • Unique and Powerful User Interface with Intuitive Ease of use for all User Levels
  • Customizable Layouts Defined by User
  • Real time event monitoring and device status
  • Smart Discovery of all devices
  • Maximum 4k resolution display
  • Complete End-to-End Video Solution with Analog or Digital Devices with Unified Configuration and Viewing Capabilities
  • Lifetime Upgrades are included with no Licensing or Annual Maintenance Fees
  • Scalable from one to Thousands of Devices with Consistent and Seamless Transition
  • Dual Stream Support
  • Easy PTZ and Alarm Controls
  • Useful Toolbars for Easy Control of Features such as Digital Zoom, Audio, Image Rotation, Snapshot and others
  • Multiple User and Authority Management Levels
  • ONVIF Support for Network Video Interoperability

Product Specifications

View ModesLive1, Live2, Live3, Live4, Emap, Quick View
Split Modes4:3 mode (1, 4, 9, 16, 25, 36, 49, 64), Custom Mode
Digital ZoomYes
PTZPTZ Control on Screen
Image RotationYes
Screen ExchangeYes
Snapshot ModeManual Save
Snapshot FormatBMP, JPEG
Aspect RatioSelectable
Instant PlaybackYes
Event NotificationYes; Local Display
View ModesPlayback1, Playback2
Channels64 (each)
Date & Time SearchYes
Event SearchYes
Bookmark SearchYes
Time Jump1 Frame ~ 10 Minutes
Play Speedx1.0, x2.0, x3.0, x4.0, x5.0
Step PlayingForward / Backward
Split Modes4:3 mode (1, 4, 9, 16, 25, 36, 49, 64), Custom Mode
Export FootageYes (Self-Executable/MP4)
Image RotationYes
Digital ZoomYes
Snapshot FormatBMP, JPEG
ConfigurationYes (Camera/Sensor/Manual Trigger/Link)
Event NotificationYes
Popup ViewYes
Emap ControlZoom / History List / Fit Screen
Mini MapYes
User Emap ImageYes (Camera/Sensor/Manual Trigger/Link)
Real-time Event CheckYes
Quick ViewYes (Live, Instant Playback)
System Lock / UnlockYes
Automatic LoginYes
OSD ControlYes (Record Status / DateTime / Device Name)
User ManagementYes
Authority LevelAdministrator / User
User AssignmenetYes
LanguagesEnglish, Korean, Italian, Japanese
Device Remote SetupYes (Link device setup page
Device Searching QueryYes
Device DiscoveryYes
Full Screen Mode2 Stages (Full Screen with/without Toolbar)
Device Status ViewYes
LogYes (System, Device, User)
Minimum System Requirements for:

    ATVision IP VMS
    Client Software
Operating system:
Microsoft Windows 7 or Apple Mac 10.10
Intel Core i5 processor; RAM: 4GB; Ethernet connection: 100Mbps
Graphics card:
Gaming rated, with 2GB at 1080p resolution; 4GB at 4k resolution
Hard Disk Drives:
7200RPM and 64MB cache