eSATA Storage: eSATA External Storage

These external storage devices offer additional HDD storage for extended recording capacity with the network video recorders.

Product Features
Product Specifications

eSATA External Storage Devices available in desktop tower and rack mount configurations with four (4) and five (5) HDD bay units. These devices are used with the NVR units to extend the storage capability up to a maximum of 16 TB.

Note: RAID 5 configuration requires a minimum of 3 hard disk drives (HDD). Due to the fact that the equivalent amount of storage equal to one HDD is required by the Operating System (OS) to facilitate fail safe backup and the rebuilding of any replaced HDD; if one HDD fails, the entire storage system will continue to function. When the failed HDD is replaced the OS will rebuild the new HDD with the data that was on the original HDD that failed. This means if the storage system has a total of 3 HDD’s, only the storage space of 2 HDD’s can be considered as usable for storage calculations; if a total of 5 HDD’s, only 4 HDD’s can be considered as usable.

Product Features

  • Units come with HDD’s installed and pre-configured RAID 5
  • eSATA and USB 3.0 interface; backward compatible with USB 2.0
  • True hardware RAID design within the enclosure, no driver or additional RAID controller needed
  • Provides hardware RAID redundancy protection against hard drive failures
  • Each model includes Power Cord, eSATA Cable, USB 3.0 Cable, Manual and Screws
Desktop Tower Features
  • Compact, stylish 4 and 5 bay tower design with protective ventilating cover
    • Rack Mount Features
    • 4 bay, 1U rack design, USB 3.0 and eSATA
      Hardware RAID 5 storage, with built-in rack mount bracket
      • Product Specifications

        HDD Trays
        HDD Trays4 Hot-Swappable 3.5"5- Hot-Swappable 3.5"l
        RAID LevelPre-configured RAID 5Pre-configured RAID 5
        Maximum Capacity8TB10TB
        Auto RebuildingYesYes
        Host Interface
        & Transfer Rate
        USB 3.0 (backward compatible with USB 2.0) & eSATAUSB 3.0 (backward compatible with USB 2.0) & eSATA
        Drive Interface4 x 3.5" SATAI/ SATAII5 x 3.5" SATAI/ STAII
        Cooling Fan3.15" Ball Bearing Fan4.7" Ball Bearing Fan
        Power Supply150W (115V-230V Switchable)220W (103V-253V)
        Weight5.9lbs (2.7kg)9.3lbs (4.2kg)
        Safety RegulationsCE, FCC, UL, RoHSCE, FCC, UL, RoHS
        RACK MODEL
        Rack Size1U
        HDD Trays 4 Hot-Swappable 3.5”
        RAID Level Pre-configured RAID 5
        Maximum Capacity 8TB
        Auto Rebuilding Yes
        Hot-Spare Yes
        Host Interface & Transfer Rate USB 3.0 (backward compatible with USB 2.0) and eSATA
        Drive Interface 4 x 3.5” SATA I/ SATA II
        Cooling Fan 4 x Internal
        Power Supply 220W (100V-240V)
        Dimensions (WxHxD) 19 x 1.7 x 21in (483 x 43 x 533mm)
        Weight 18lbs (8.2kg)
        Safety Regulations CE, FCC, UL, RoHS